DAY 01

Full Day12.3 miles3,780 climb
Half Day6.2 miles1,890 climb

Condition Updates and Notes :

DAY 02

Full Day12 miles4,300 climb
Half Day6.5 miles2,650 climb

Condition Updates and Notes :

DAY 03

Full Day23.8 miles5,100 climb
Half Day15.5 miles3,260 climb

Condition Updates and Notes :


Full Retreat48.1 miles13,180 climb
Half Retreat28.2 miles7,800 climbing

Notes : Full Day, Half Day, or Hybrid? We have designed this Retreat for various abilities running together at ‘social’ pace. Although the pace will always be the same, each Runner has the option to run more or less per day. Half Day option is the minimum volume required for that day, unless a full rest day is required. Full Day is the maximum volume of that particular day. To clarify, a Hybrid is a Runner choosing between Half or Full each day to best gauge personal comfort.

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