General Info


Q: What pace will we be running at Runaway Mountain Retreats (RMR)?

A: We have designed RMR to accommodate slow to medium pace runners. Both groups will running at a ‘Social Pace’, meaning if you can’t chat you are running too fast. Speed is not the goal of this retreat, but instead ‘time-on-feet’. We anticipate hiking up hills and jogging down, plus flat sections. Slow Pace should be comfortable with a flat 11min/pace. Medium Pace comfortable with 9min/pace. We will figure this all out as we go.

Q: What distance will we be running at Runaway Mountain Retreats (RMR)?

A: We have designed RMR to accommodate two distances and you will be able to respond to how you feel, during the run. We will be hitting a half-way point on each run that allows people to finish for the day OR keep moving. Details on each run are at the link. More Info

Q: I do not have access to training on hills, would RNR be too difficult?

A: We encourage runners of all terrain types to join us. This is the perfect retreat for those looking to experience running in the mountains and obtain vertical training miles. Most of the uphill’s will be power hiking. Some may consider packing trekking / z-poles, during the run.

Q: What age group does Runaway Mountain Retreats cover?

A: The retreat is for a mature group of runners. 

Q: Will people be drinking alcohol in the evenings?

A: No, we do not allow any alcohol or drugs around the camp. If we find out someone is bringing any substances they will be warned and possibly  asked to leave the camp.

Q: Is this a religious camp?

No, the retreat is not associated or will influence any religious beliefs. We support the Cathedral Pines mission in terms of space for ‘spiritual growth’. The location belongs to the Baptist Church, so please be respectful. 

What if the weather conditions are bad?

We will do our best to adjust. Safety is the main concern and we want to makes sure everyone is well equipped for any rain, hail, or possibly snow. If weather looks terrible for all three days, we will be reaching out to all Attendees about either transferring or partially refunding the retreat. Please understand that we need to financially reserve the dates proposed.

What if I get injured just days before RMR?

There will be full refund until 30 Days prior, at which it will become a partially refund. If you get injured at RMR, we can not provide refunds. This is similar to any racing event.

Will we be running in the Sawtooth National Park? What about Sun Valley?

I am visiting from out-of-state how many days should I stay?

If your schedule allows, we suggest adding day to your trip to visit other areas of the Sawtooth National Park that are restricted from our RMR use. Please contact us for further information. 

What airport should I fly use?

The airport located in Hailey, ID (Friedman Airport) is closest. We will provide rides from the Airport to Cathedral Pines, but you must tell us in advanced.

Should I rent a vehicle?

No, you will not need a vehicle during your stay at RMR.

Will I have access to Wifi or cell service?

Sometimes. We specifically selected Cathedral Pines for it’s remote setting and discourage an unnecessary use of Wifi or phone calls. Hosts will have satellite communicators at all times in case of emergency. Most of the running will not have service, but Cathedral Pines will have some Wifi.

What type of food is provided?

Cathedral Pines provides Breakfast. Lunch Sandwich and Chips will be provided at the end of each run. First Dinner will locally sourced Wilsons’ Wild Salmon, with Veggies. Second Dinner will be a Selection of Pizzas and Salads. 

What clothing and gear should I bring?

We will keep everyone informed of weather and conditions, prior to each RMR. We ask that everyone pack a thin rain fly, regardless of weather. Wool socks. And no new running clothes, which might allow chaffing. Regardless we will carry items to help any discomfort that may emerge, while running. 



Do you have Additional Questions? Please Contact Us.